Disney : Une artiste Coréenne mélange les contes de fées et la beauté de l'art Asiatique

Nov 22, 2015

Les contes de fées inspirent les artistes du net jour après jour. Par exemple, saviez-vous que les princesses Disney étaient fans de Britney Spears ? Si vous êtes plus œuvres d'art traditionnelles que culture populaire des années 

OCT 10, 2015

Nayoung Wooh, better known as Obsidian, is an illustrator from Seoul. 
She began her career in 2010 with “Women in Hanbok” series, a colorful array of digital drawings representing women in a classical Korean garment, the Hanbok indeed..

Кореянки тоже могут быть принцессами - ATIME

AUG 04, 2015

Восхитительные рисунки Белоснежки, Русалочки, Красной Шапочки и других героинь сказок, сделанные рукой корейского иллюстратора Obsidian облетели весь мир и стали популярны в том числе в российских социальных сетях. Настоящее имя автора...

Alicja w hanboku, czyli wywiad z Nayoung Wooh. - MyOppa Blog

jul 07, 2015

NAYOUNG WOOH: Ilustratorka z Seulu znana również pod pseudonimem Obsidian. Zdobyła popularność dzięki serii prac przedstawiających postacie ze znanych bajek ubrane w hanboki.
Poza tym jej grafiki można znaleźć m.in. w grach "Furyoudou~Gang Road", "Age of Storm: Kingdom Under Fire Online", oraz aplikacji "Million Arthur".

Disney en Asia: los cuentos clásicos de Occidente se dan una vuelta por el Lejano Oriente (FOTOS) - HuffingtonPost.es

jul 06, 2015

Seguro que conoces bien los cuentos clásicos europeos, aunque sólo sea por la versión Disney: Caperucita, Blancanieves, El príncipe rana,Alicia en el País de las Maravillas... Forman parte de nuestra cultura y han definido Europa a los ojos del mundo. Pero ¿qué pasa cuando el Lejano Oriente los adapta a su cultura?

LOS CUENTOS INFANTILES AL ESTILO COREANO Magníficas ilustraciones de la artista Nayoung Wu - Quo

jul 02. 2015

¿Qué aspecto tendrían las heroínas de los cuentos de hadas tradicionales si en lugar de haber sido escritos en Europa, lo hubiera sido en Corea?Nayoung Wu es una presitigiosa artista de Corea del Sur,

Se le favole occidentali fossero nate in Corea - Wired.it

jul 03. 2015

Da un lato c’è una vera e propria motivazione filologica, data dal fatto che le favole moderne più conosciute e amate sono state scritte da autori europei. Dall’altro, l’inevitabile zampino di Walt Disney, che ha inculcato nell’immaginario collettivo i capelli rossi e gli occhioni azzurri della Sirenetta, insieme con le maniche a sbuffo del vestito di Biancaneve. ...

obsidian reinterprets western fairytales as korean illustrations - designboom

jul 02, 2015

korean artist nayoung wooh also known as ‘obsidian‘ has rendered favorite disney princess in the style of traditional korean animation art. the series ‘fairytales‘ adds a distinctive contemporary anime aesthetic to the historic and culturally significant styles of korean dress.

Famous Western Fairytales Get An Eastern Makeover By Korean Artist - earthporm

Jan 14, 2015

I grew up as an all American girl, meaning the faces of Disney characters such as Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella were the leading ladies of my dreams. I simply took for granted they ways that they looked, dressed, talked, and acted, after all their mannerisms and appearances were based directly off the only culture I really knew.

Iconic Western Fairytales Get An Eastern Makeover By Korean Artist - Boredpanda

Dec 19, 2014

What would some of our favorite Disney fairytales and Western stories look like if they had been conceived in Eastern Asia? Korean illustrator Na Young Wu has an idea – her illustrations feature Disney characters new and old reinterpreted through the prism of modern Korean cartoon illustration, also known as “manhwa.”

South Korean Illustrator Gives Western Fairytales A Refreshing Makeover - Designtaxi

Dec 18, 2014

Your mental images of the various characters from fairytales such as Snow White, The Little Mermaid and The Frog Prince would most probably be shaped by the famous Disney animated films that are based on them.

Korean illustrator gives Western fairy tales a whimsical Eastern makeover - Rocketnews

Dec 16, 2014

It’s been a year since the release of the mega hit animation Frozen, but as much as some of us can’t wait for it to fade into the shadows, the icy queen and her Frozen empire are still staying put in the spotlight, as if the movie had only been released last month.

Iconic Western Stories & Fairy Tales Get an Eastern Makeover - Visualnews

Dec 16, 2014

South Korean illustrator Na Young Wu has been re-imagining western characters and fairy tales in a delightfully eastern fashion. From the Little Mermaid to Little Red Riding Hood, you’ve never seen the classics like this before. Using the Korean “manhwa” style, she gives each iconic story a makeover using traditional Korean costumes, hairstyles and themes.

Korean illustrator gives Western fairy tales an Eastern touch - Dramafever

Dec 16, 2014

Na Young Wu is a Korean artist who has done incredible work drawing what it would look like if Western fairy tales were recreated with an Eastern touch. The inventive artist is known as Obsidian @00obsidian00 on Twitter and is famous for drawing characters for Japanese mobile games.

Hanbok illustrator to support ex-sex slaves - Koreatimes

May 01, 2013

Illustrator Wooh Na-young, better known by her nickname "Obsidian," is a celebrity among game fans in Korea, best-known for the characters she drew in the popular mobile application, "Million Arthur."



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