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© 2015 by Nayoung Wooh  aka Obsidian



BLOG (Provided in Korean) - http://blog.naver.com/obsidian24

TWITTER (Provided in Korean) - https://twitter.com/00obsidian00

FACEBOOK (Provided in English)- https://www.facebook.com/woohnayoung

TUMBLR (Provided in English) - http://woohnayoung.tumblr.com

PIXIV (Provided in Japanesse) - http://pixiv.me/obsidian24

DEVIANTART(Provided in English) - http://theobsidian.deviantart.com


Before you write or post any articles, please inform me via my e-mail 

I can provide High-resolution image and answer to any kind of interview.


#Mira, If you see this massage, plz contact me. you miswrite email adress.

i'm worried about your art project :'(